To make sure your waxing appointment is painless and smooth as possible here are a few things you can do before and after your appointment


Hair length counts! It's tough for the wax to pick up short hair, so it's good to make sure your hair is at least a 1/4 inch long. If you're a shaver at the moment, that's about three weeks from your last shave. If you're not sure, that's ok; we'll trim you up before we get to the wax.

Clean house! A warm shower or bath before your appointment will open up pores, it's also a good idea to give a gentle exfoliation to the area being waxed.


Watch for the time of the month! Try not to schedule a wax within three days before your period as your skin can be extra sensitive!


Natural skin is the best skin! It's best not to use any lotions, oils or gels on the areas being waxed as it could affect the wax.


Bye, bye razor! Each time you come for a wax your hair gets a little thinner, takes a little longer to grow back and hurts a little less, so we advise you not to use your razor in between your appointments.


After your wax! We advise you to stay away from the heat like saunas, steam rooms, tanning and exercise for 24 hours after. We also advise you to stay away from swimming for 24 hours.


Aftercare! It's always a great idea to regularly moisturize and gently exfoliate to keep your skin feeling smooth and fresh.

Book it! You can book your next 3 or 4 week appointment today.

The half-hour before! To reduce some pain and swelling, you can take ibuprofen or use a numbing cream or spray 30 mins before your appointment.

We recommend that you avoid sun exposure for 48 hours before and after your wax to avoid any burning of the now sensitive area!


We suggest avoiding wearing lace underwear or thongs, as after wax this can irritate the freshly waxed skin

Wear loose fitted clothing after, to avoid sweating in the freshly waxed area.

Take a peek! Before coming to see us, take some time to check yourself out for abrasions, bruises, cold sores and cuts.

No touching! Keep hands away from freshly waxed skin, as this can encourage irritation!

Try and keep the freshly waxed area clean and free of products including lotions, gels, deodorants and perfumes until the next day.


It is important to remember that the hair phase greatly influences the efficiency of hair removal. This is in fact why it is paramount to respect a strict appointment calendar: as it will ensure the best results!

Certain medications can sensitize the skin to waxing!

If you have taken Accutane, you cannot get waxed for 1 year from the last time used. The side effects of this medication highly affect the skin and waxing can result in tearing the skin.

The hair growth cycle:

There are many influential factors that can affect the hair cycle such as age, heredity, hormones, medication, nutrition and even stress. Nevertheless, we all share the same hair cycle, broken down into three phases: anagen, catagen, and telogen

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